First ever video, decided to put a quick skipping routine together🙈. I’d recommend doing the moves at your own pace and build up to them where necessary (I’ve been skipping since I was 7/8, so practice makes perfect)!

Hope some of you enjoy it, and if so let me know and I’ll do another video!

Anonymous asked:

What is the best form of cardio? Can you share the exercises you do please :D

Plain moving around is the best form of cardio!

Be active: walk, run, stair master, elliptical, skipping anything!
My favourites are elliptical, stair master and skipping (I’m going to record a skipping video later).
The key is to always switch it up, find the fun and keep it! When I skip I’m always pulling faces when I mess up on challenges I set myself. It just makes me push harder..either that or I don’t myself seriously enough haha.

Thanks for the question :)